December 12, 2015

WordPress Editorial Calendar Setup

Wordpress Editorial Calendar Setup

WordPress Editorial Calendar Setup

Wordpress Editorial Calendar SetupWordPress Editorial Calendar Setup will help with your content management headaches and they can disappear overnight when using this plugin.

Here in this guide we will go over a few things that will help you with your own content management plan.

This plugin helps with managing and distributing your content on any of your sites. You may want to post on a regular basis like every Monday or whatever day that suits your life’s work load. You may write you posts all in one sitting while you are on a roll and then use this calendar to regulate when you will make them live on your blog site.

First of all we have installed this plugin called WordPress Editorial Calendar which is available for download from the repositary at this link here. To install it we just do this the normal way we install all of our basic plugins and that is via the Plugins tab, Add New tab

WordPress Editorial Calendar Setup

Now that the plugin has been successfully installed you will find that it doesn’t have any settings to adjust. It just has a process on using it. It may take a little time with getting into the habit of using it but it will be well worth it in the end. You will be a whole more productive throughout the week when you have a content management plan in place.

Wordpress Editorial Calendar SetupIn the beginning allocate a day and just write up three or four posts and set them up in your calendar. You will be amazed at how this takes a load off your mind and it will get you posting more content to your site on a regular basis. Once it becomes a habit what once you looked at as a chore becomes a no-brainer and you will have more time to concentrate on doing marketing.

The Guide to the WordPress Editorial Calendar Setup

Right let’s see! You have one post or more than one already
written and formatted in your site ready to go.

What Do You Do?

Right! Locate your Editorial Plugin…This can be a bit tricky as there are no settings to setup like some plugins only a process to go through.

Go to your Posts tab then click on Calendar



Now the calendar shows up and now what do you do with it…Right! What we will do now is go and create a quick post for this demo…



In the navbar locate the Posts tab and click on Add New


Now can write up some content to post on your site. You do that in the area that is provided. You will need a Title and some content for the body. You are not going to publish it you are going to save it as a draft just for now.

Now you arrive at the new posts page…We will now do a quick post…


Now that you have got some content written it will look something like this…


Next stage is you will go to the Publish box on the right hand side…


Here we (1) locate the calendar icon…and click on the edit tab. Then we can set the (2) publishing date and click OK…





Next we click on the Schedule tab and this content will go live on the date that has been set.


Now we will go back to check the calendar page and see if it has worked…You know the drill, click the Calendar tab in the Posts menu to open the page…



Ok then, so far so good. Now we have another thing that we can do and that is place and schedule content directly onto our blog via the calendar page itself… Hover your cursor over the day you want to schedule your content and click on the New Post


A small window will open to enable you to add the content that you have prepared beforehand.

Put content in and click Save…


Here we go, content has been added. Now we can go and format the post sometime when we review it. It is up to you to choose what to save it as. I just used Pending Review as an example. I need to add an image to it and format the content but the bulk of the work has been done.


Well that is basically it you can play around with it yourself and see how it can best help you. You can add more than one post on a day, you can shift a post to another day, you can scroll the screen to change the days and months. Imagine setting up a years’ worth of content in here.

One more thing. Editing. You can come back to the post you were working on and hover over the title and the drop down appears you can take appropriate action by clicking on one of the tabs as shown here.



I better stop here now, have a play around you will soon get the idea.

WordPress Editorial Calendar Setup



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