December 15, 2015

Posts Versus Pages

Birthday singing Saint Bernard puppies with party hats

Birthday singing Saint Bernard puppies with party hatsPosts Versus Pages. Which is best? Well you could say posts are more important because they are dynamic and you do not have to have as many words in them as pages. You see you can have a topic that totals say 4000 words and you could put it on your site as a page and that would be fair enough. Whereas if you were too use that same article as a post you can break up into say 300-400 words each with their own unique title. That would equal say ten posts.
So you can see that when it is broken up into individual posts you have a better chance of someone reading and consuming that content. With a page people nowadays can’t be bothered reading long article on blogs. If you want to read longer, you generally would go and read a book that comes in different formats. Like eBook, Kindle book, Audio book or a hard cover book.
Lastly here’s what pages are about, no long reading here.
•These are static they do not scroll down.
•These Reside in Your Navigation Bar.
•Pages Carry More Weight.
•Create 5-8 pages to start with based on keywords you
want to rank for in the future.
•Create Unique Content.
•Make use Images, Video & Graphics.
•SEO Targeted Keyword Phrases.
As mentioned before posts give you a lot more ways of capturing a following and they are easier to digest. And they are great for SEO because you have the benefit of using a lot more keywords. Now I am not talking about keyword stuffing here. The content still has to read well and be easy to understand. For blogs do not use big fancy words unless the audience you are targeting use those types of words in their own everyday English. There is a saying in the blogging world you should be writing to a Homer Simpson level. Your audience does determine your writing style and the standards you should set for yourself.
Here are some handy tips to follow…
Posts are like news feeds the latest one all ways stay on top.
Post often at least once per week. Every day is best for 90 days if you can stand it.
SEO = Targets Keyword Phrases.
Use LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing).
What does (LSI) mean? – download pdf…Click Here.
We Use the “WP Insert” Plugin for setting ads up in your posts.



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