September 21, 2016

How to Setup Hyperlinks in Your Content

Example hyperlinks

How to Setup Hyperlinks in Your Content

Example hyperlinks

Example of Text Hyperlinks.

How to Setup Hyperlinks in Your Content. This is how the World Wide Web operates and functions…It is one massive content linking machine. Here you will be learning how to turn your site into an external and internal linking power blog. Now let’s go do it…

Quick Overview.

Links are used when you wish to refer your readers to another piece of related content anywhere it is available on the web that gives them a more in depth view and opinion about the subject matter you are creating content about…this is called linking out.

Links are used to link to another section of your own site…this called interlinking.

Links are used to link to another section of the same page you are working on…this is called jump linking.

Do Not Over link.

We are talking about general blog information sites here, not ecommerce shopping sites. You do have to be careful here that you don’t write a post about a topic and fill it up with a bunch of links linking out all over the place…by doing this you have the chance of losing the reader as they leave your site and could have no reason to go back to it…We have all experienced the scenario when going to YouTube to view a video then get side tracked and 2 hours later we are still there watching all sorts of stuff…I have done that plenty of times…still staying focused is one of my greatest downfalls.

How to Setup Hyperlinks in Your Content

Hyperlinking…this is using embedded text links in your content. The process is to select a word you wish the link to be activated from…Next in your Visual Editor click on the Linking Icon and the link destination url…this makes the word a clickable link…When clicked it immediately takes the reader off your site to the location you have allocated in your linking setup via the visual editor. And this link should be set to open in another tab…that way the reader still has the original page open they started on.

-Just Follow The Steps 1-7…

How to Setup Hyperlinks in Your Content

Using hyperlinks throughout your content is a great way to add extra value to what you have produced. It can save the reader from doing the searching themselves and will place you as an authority figure in their eyes.

Here below is a list of resources that will help with the editing and formatting of your sites content.

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Open Your Links In A New Tab

This is not that difficult when you are shown how…just follow along with the steps and then you will be good to go.

The Steps…


That’s it All Done Completed




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How to Setup Hyperlinks in Your Content



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