March 30, 2017

Google Updates Analytics Keywords March 2017

Google Updates Analytics Keywords March 2017

I have come across some Google analytic resources and to keep them in a safe place so I can access them at a later date I have decided to create this post about them.

You see I am subscribed to a site called and the content is by one of the founders Benjamin Mangold.

They do put out a free course covering getting up and running with Google Analytics. The course includes 8 video lessons, course quizzes and you’ll be able to apply your new skills immediately.

They have other paid courses available for you when you think you are ready to increase your skill set in those particular areas.

Nothing like gaining extra knowledge and then implementing it into your business and seeing increased profits from what you have learn’t.

Here are the resources that I am saving into this post.

Google Updates Analytics Keywords March 2017

Resource 1.

Using Keyword Match Types with Google AdWords

Learn how to use the different keyword match types with your Google AdWords search campaigns.

Resource 2.

Tutorial on How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress.

Learn how to install Google Analytics on WordPress using the free ‘Google Tag Manager for WordPress’ plugin.

Resource 3.

Tutorial on How to Setup Google Analytics Goals

Learn how to use Google Analytics goals to track your website conversions.

Resource 4.

Tutorial on Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Track calls to a phone number on a website

Use phone call conversion tracking to help you see how effectively your ads lead to phone calls from your website…Click here.

Countries where Google forwarding numbers are available…Click here.

Resource 5.

Tutorial on Creating Dashboards in Google Data Studio

Learn how to create dashboards using Google Data Studio in this tutorial.

Chrome Extension…PDF export extension for Google Data Studio…Click here.

Resource 6.

New Google Analytics Interface 2017

This is a brief run-down of the latest changes in the Google Analytics interface.

Resource 7.

Tutorial Google Analytics Referral Spam
Learn 4 quick techniques for cleaning up Google Analytics referral spam.

You’ll learn how to apply an include filter to only include your website’s own traffic in reports. Plus creating a source filter to remove fake referrals, using a language filter to remove spam from the languages report and how to enable the default bot filtering.


Open source spam list:

Resource 8.
And if you haven’t started using Benjamins Google Analytics Glossary, then check it out. It’s a super popular go-to guide covering the most important terminology…

If you need help with Google Analytics or Google AdWords, then give these people a call…Click here. 

Resource 9.

Shortcut Google Analytics Content Grouping

Learn about Google Analytics Content Grouping in this Shortcut.

Find out how you can use custom Content Groupings to combine your content into top-level reporting categories inside Google Analytics.

Enjoy the resources and thank you for visiting and we will catch you again in another post sometime soon.

-Bruce Stewart.

Please tell me in the comments if you are using Google Analytics.

Google Updates Analytics Keywords March 2017



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