October 9, 2016

Free Paid Tools For Business

Free Paid Tools For Business

Free Paid Tools For Business

Tools Free verses Paid…What is the best?

Free Paid Tools For Business, what do you like? A lot of us fall into the trap of only wanting to use free tools and software for running our sideline venture on the web. Yes, I know that when starting out it is great to be able to use free stuff as we are trying to conserve the money we outlay…

Are you one of the many who go online to make money?

Do you have the mind set like…I want to make money but I do not want to spend money to make it happen!

If you go online with the mind set of wanting to “MAKE MONEY” you will never achieve it…that is the wrong mind set. Yes, that is the end goal and that is fine…but go in with the mind set, goals and plan of offering something of value…Always give value, value and value.

And as for I don’t want to spend/outlay any money…well that is a totally rubbish mind set. You have to spend money to make money whether it is online or offline. If you want a home base for your business venture you have to have your own website and that costs monthly hosting. If you go online to make money then the first thing you  need is your own website as this is the foundation of your online business. When you have a message to preach you will do this from your own website.

If you wish to build an email list of subscribers that follow you you will have to have an autoresponder that will cost you a monthly fee.

If you need to improve your knowledge and upgrade a skill-set, then this can involve a monthly fee.

So I am all for using free services where I can but I don’t mind investing monthly fees to help my online business evolve and expand. Plus I don’t mind investing in myself to help with the growth of my own online business.

Free Paid Tools For Business




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