March 15, 2017

Finding People Online Just Like You

Finding People Online Just Like You

Finding People Online Just Like You

Finding People Online Just Like You

Finding People Online Just Like You. If you are looking for people to follow your own dreams, ideas and passion then that is great. You can do this via pasting content that you like in the various Social Media platforms around the web. This is where people like you hang out most of the time.

Finding People Online Just Like You. Are there people out there online that have similar passion, interests, dreams and desires that you have?

The answer to that is most likely.

In our online venture, we can call these people our target audience. Target audience refers to a group of like minded people with the same interests and wants as each other.

When we have a website up online and have content on it and may want to start advertising it to get visitors to view your website.

This is where you will start concentrating on who are these group of people that you wish to bring to your site.

This is called who is your target audience and another term used is who is your target market. Target market is a group of people who have money available to spend/purchase what you have to offer on your site.

Target audience is the people you wish to attract to your site and target market is people who you wish to show offers to so they can buy something off you via your site.

Every time you bring someone to your site you will be calling these people prospects This is the marketing term for the people who come to your site.

So, when you start out with your site it is a good idea to have some idea what demographic of people/audience do you want to attract to your site. Because you cannot and will not please and get everyone. You only want to cater and focus on a small sub-section of a whole market.

Marketing your site is a whole large subject on its own and we don’t cover it in this article. Just remember the first branch of the marketing tree and that is prospects.

Finding People Online Just Like You

  • Did you know that your competition has your future customers?

  • This is a subject to look at when it comes to the time of wanting to sell stuff from your website.

  • You don’t have to know all about it right now.

  • You only have to have a rough idea in the beginning because it is slightly important when it comes to creating your content and placing it on your site.


With content creation in the beginning you will be creating heaps of content on your site and no one will be showing up to view this content. This is where most of us decide that this is a waste of time I am going to stop. I am not going to create content because no one is coming.

This is the stage where you have to just keep plodding along staying consistent with your content creation. Just suck it up and keep on creating content. Have the mindset that I am doing this for my own satisfaction not anyone else’s. This our it rolls in the beginning. “Tuff Titties”

Remember your website and all websites are long-term projects. I am talking about 5 years and longer.

None of this 3 month to 1 year thing and I hope I can make a million dollars from it. If that is what you are expecting, then I recommend you pack up your tent now and leave.

This is not how this game is played.

Finding People Online Just Like You!

So, the next question is, is where do I find these people?

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Finding People Online Just Like You




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