Changing Your Perspective

Changing Your Perspective

Changing Your Perspective

One Way Or Another

Changing Your PerspectiveBack in the 1800s, a group of travelers were making their way West, looking for a new home and seeking their fortunes. They traveled for many weeks, when eventually they came to a great mountain range. Here they had to make a choice, they could turn north, or they could turn south.

They made their camp that night at the foot of the mountains, and later, all came together at the campfire to try and decide which direction to go in. Late into the night they discussed the options, half of their number wanted to turn north, the other half south, they argued the pros and cons of each direction but could not come to a decision. Eventually the wagon master called a halt to the discussions and said they should all go to sleep, and that they would reconvene in the morning.

The next morning over breakfast, the discussion and arguments started back up again, the wagon master decided that what they would do is send their scouts out in each of the possible directions to see what lay beyond their sight. In the meantime, the main group of travellers would remain camped at the foot of the mountain. As they mounted up to leave, the wagon master told the scouts to ride for three days in each direction, then return and report back their findings.

In the meantime, the people of the wagon train set about making their campsite a little bit more hospitable.
A river flowed down from the mountains not far from the main campsite, and many of the travelers decided to relocate their wagons and tents down closer to the river.

Changing Your Perspective

They settled in to await the return of the scouts…

Six days later when the scouts returned, they came down upon the campsite, but what they found wasn’t a wagon train at camp, but the beginnings of a tent town laid out before them. Seeing them coming, the wagon master called the travellers together and asked the scouts to report their findings to the group.

The southern scouts reported that on their outbound search they found only mountains to the west, and ultimately desert three days to the south. The northern scouts reported the mountains of the west continued far to the north, they had travelled slightly further than the three days and found the northern route given way to snow and icy glaciers.

There was silence as the group realised there was nowhere hopeful to go, until one clever scout pointed behind him to the newly vamped campsite, “Look there” they said, “What if there is a new town to move and stay. There is our new home, the beginnings of our new town…”

The two groups looked and for the first time saw the possibilities of their new future, nestled at the foot of what they had thought was an obstacle they could not pass. Thinking they had to go left or right and ignoring that they had already began to settle exactly where they were situated.

In the same way, in your life, no obstacle in life is insurmountable, you just have to change your perspective of it, and see the possibility in it. Sometimes, the grass is no greener out there than the grass beneath you.

You just have to make it your own, with what you have.

Changing Your Perspective



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