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Hangouts Social Media

Hangouts Social Media . Hangouts Social Media. Social media networks are more popular today than ever before, and it seems that new ones are popping up every week to take advantage of online demographics, and connect people digitally like never before. That’s all good and fine, of course, but there are a few social network […]

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Building a WordPress Blog

Building a Wordpress Blog

Building a WordPress Blog. We Build Your Authority Blog Site for You. Building a WordPress Blog – Authority Site Nomad on Creating a Web/Blog I will set up your website/blog for you. I will consult with you over skype or Google hang out on 3 separate occasions to get your site fully setup and running […]

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Record Your Screen:Screen Cast-O-Matic Software

Screen Cast-O-Matic Software

Screen Cast-O-Matic Software. Screen Cast-O-Matic Software is a great piece of software to use in your business for creating products that can bring more visitors to your Authority WordPress Blog. This is screen capture web based platform that is available in a free version and a relatively inexpensive paid version that renews yearly. Just go […]

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Podcast 006: Bruce Stewart & Tina Sibley Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Podcast 006: Bruce Stewart & Tina Sibley Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking.   Podcast 006: Overcoming the fear of public speaking is a great topic to talk about. There are a number of processes that we can learn that will help us get over public speaking. Tina love standing in front of an audience […]

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