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Free Stuff. Here we will be putting up some free products about internet marketing making money online and stuff to keep you motivated. We all need a little motivation or kick up the rear end from time to time of me included.

Working online can be a lonely place and generally your family and friends think you are crazy. If you do have support from family and friends then I would class you one of the lucky ones. It took me a long time to discover that all parts of our being need care and attention and a plan to manage it.

This is why we have to create and follow routines rituals. This will involve living a healthy clean lifestyle so that you are able to perform at peak capacity all ways.

Free GiftsDevelop You Daily Routine.

The main criteria to follow is to exercise frequently, stretching is good, eat moderately, small amounts throughout the day, keep away from sugary drinks they can tend to make you sluggish, Stimulate the mind by reading and watching motivational material daily and most important part is to love, give love everyday to your family or even a pet.

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Free GiftsMust Have Your Own Website.

YES! NOW not LATER. First off is you have to have your own self hosted website. Now this is not a maybe it is mandatory that you have your own website to be a major success online. The best platform to use is the platform.

This requires a simple process of registering your domain name grabbing some hosting then installing the WordPress CMS script and then you are up and running in next to no time. This is your foundation and home where you launch everything from. Plus if you are able to get your own dot com name for your website then that is a bonus.

Most of us cannot get our own name as it has already been snapped up long ago. Now if you do have your own website or blog site then congratulations you are well on the way.

Google Plus Community Page Set UpUsing The Skills You Have.

Your job is to use your skills and become a master at what you do. Then you can go out into the world show and teach other people in your related area how to benefit from your knowledge. Now the best medium to do this is online. This gives you the opportunity to be able to reach vast number of people. There are lots of different formats that are available to you to accomplish this task.

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Free GiftsWidening Your Skills.

Now once you have developed this Entrepreneur mind set you will most likely want to widen your skill set and learn things along the way. This can be very advantageous to you but don’t get too carried away and think you have to learn everything related to making money online.

There are not enough hours in the day for this and this is where you able to leverage the skills of other people to help you complete certain tasks in your online venture. This is where you are able to outsource some of parts of the projects you are currently working on.

When it does come to outsourcing it is best that you understand the basics of what you are about to outsource. So this is where you do have to learn and understand certain basic things now and again but you do not have to master them. As I say it is good to know the basic process, language and terminology

Free GiftsCreating Content for Your Website.

Here are a few that spring to mind like create a small report to distribute pdf or word doc, create ebook in pdf format, create Amazon Kindle ebook, create an audio (mp3) place it on your site, create a audio podcast (mp3) place it on itunes, you then have your own internet radio show.

Create a screen capture video of you demonstrating a process that people can follow along with. This is called show and tell. Create a talking head video this is you speaking in front of a camera. These are just a number of things you can do and you are able to use the same content that you produce to accomplish these tasks.

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Google Plus Community Page Set UpConclusion

This is just a very brief outline of what is involved with setting up your own online business. All I can say is if you have some time or reallocate your time and just have ago. There comes a time in life we just want to tackle something so massive that it scares us to death.

So scare yourself and challenge yourself in something new. For me I am having a great time learning and understanding loads of new stuff. I am lucky enough to be able to do this as a full-time venture.

Yes venture this is what we are always on one big fat venture. The mindset is everything we do is an experiment and like most experiments they fail. The best part is if we fail often and fast we will succeed quicker.

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Oh! By the way one last thing. This is an extremely important part.

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Do not focus on and ask this question?


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Q. How much money am I going to make and how soon am I going to make it?

**The answer is! (WRONG QUESTION).

Do not focus on the MONEY –  Just focus on the processes and the adventure the money will look after itself. When you give people outstanding information and value the money will automatically beat a path to your door.

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